Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm baaack...

Hello to my two loyal readers,

I'm back from the cottage, and it was fun. Yes, it hailed and snowed insanely, and yes, I feel like I narrowly escaped death at least twice during the dangerous drive up, but... fun.

The vacation afterglow is starting to wear out, unfortunately. I was really happy for a while though. One of my best friends, and definitely my best coworker, is out of town. And I would really like a hug.

After a crummy commute, the subway musician guy was a violinist playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Absolutely beautifully. And to one of my readers, this made me think of you... :)

And the last tangential blurb will be the "links of the moment". I stumbled a lot yesterday, and got a bunch of fun replies. I will share some choice cuts:

You know what's fun? Like really really fun? when you restore a firefox session, with 3+ windows each with 10+ tabs, and ONE of them is this one. Enjoy.

"I love pie chart humor. This is almost as good as the classic Pac Man chart.

"I know what you mean, this appeals to my vestigial nerd. - here.

This loosely lego-related link generated the following:

" My company creates software that models risks to insured properties due to hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. I think I'll propose that we create a new Lego model.

"You should consider katamari insurance while you're at it.. you never know when the master of the universe will need large amounts of insured things to be rolled up and compressed into a star...

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